Social September


This September it’s once again time to disconnect to reconnect for Social September. It’s a great cause and supports the youth organisation “Reach”.  The idea is to take a little bit of time to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect on a face to face level with people. For some people that may mean giving up some social media or for others just getting a group of friends together for dinner. Click here to read more

“Social September encourages us all to press pause in September – disconnect from our digital lives and reconnect with each other, and ourselves. The aim is to create spaces for face-to-face social connection, promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.”

I will be part of fantastic night of  entertainment and dining at Sydney’s fantastic “Slide Bar” featuring Australian entertainment legend and Social September ambassador, Maria Venuti, organised and hosted by Bianca Venuti. The night will sell out quickly and features a raffle with prizes from companies such as Emirates Airlines.

Reach is a youth organisation, founded in 1994 by  the late Jim Stynes OAM and Paul Currie with the belief that all young people, no matter what their circumstance, should have the support they need to fulfil their potential. At Reach, connection is a core value and means being present with one another, expressing ourselves openly and having the courage to be real. Reach’s school and community programs create safe and supportive spaces where young people can share stories and experiences honestly, build meaningful connections and recognise that they’re not alone. For almost two decades, Reach has been making a positive impact in the lives of over half a million young Australians.  Now you can help Reach continue its work – and experience some of the power of personal connection, by participating in Social September.